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learning through play

Our preschool is equipped with both an indoor and and an outdoor play area.

Our outdoor play area allows children to be fully immersed in nature and outdoor play, with an environment they can truly engage with an explore. Within the outdoor play area there are stations for different types of creative play - picking up life skills and learning as they go! These include a mud kitchen, performance stage with access to musical instruments, painting station, obstacle course and lots of nooks and crannies they can expand their imaginations in! We engage in practical, fun outdoor tasks like filling bird feeders and gardening as well as helping to maintain the outdoor area, raking leaves (and jumping in them!).

Our indoor is a place children can continue to develop their play skills and interact with their environment. The playroom contains age-appropriate toys and equipment selected specifically to stimulate children’s development at each stage. Whether it’s a soft toy that provides comfort, a puzzle that develops their problem-solving skills or a dressing-up box that stirs their imagination, there’s something to stimulate all of their senses.

Our play area encourage children to play and learn in comfort, where staff can dedicate their full attention to care and education and where parents can feel secure that their child’s social, emotional and educational needs are professionally catered for.


Our Outdoor Area

Our Playroom

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