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Preschool (3-5 years)

For children from age 3 to school age we explore opportunities for development and play, following the Curriculum for Excellence. The children take turns in being snack and lunch helper and can freely choose whether they want to be inside or outside and what activities they want to be involved with throughout their day. There is a wide range of natural resources and equipment for loose parts play.

Pre-school sessions run from 9am until (1pm or) 3pm Monday-Friday term time.

2's Group

Sessions for our 2-year olds are held alongside those for the pre-schoolers, but with extra staff present to ensure that their needs are met and they have a fantastic time indoors and outside. In our 2’s group the children get the opportunity to socialise, learn social routines (such as snack time), have sensory experiences and messy play in child-led activities, and gain independence. In these sessions the children have free choice of whether to go inside or outside and can also have their snack in either venue. There is a wide range of natural resources and equipment for loose parts play. Sessions run 9am - 1pm and include lunch.

Image by Mahbod Akhzami

sharing learning...

An important part of our learning and feedback is our practice of "Focus Child" weeks. Each week we select key groups of children to be our focus child(ren) for the fortnight. If it is your child’s week you will be issued an email where we will ask you information about your child’s current interest and any significant events happening at home e.g., birthdays, visit’s We will then use this knowledge to extend any interests your child has within the setting and share observations within their online learning journal. As practitioners we will continue to link their learning to experiences and outcomes within the curriculum for excellence, but each individual child will have an unique learning journey tailored to their individual interests.

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