Our Staff - Meet Charlene Our Senior Practitioner

Charlene is our new senior practitioner and her knowledge and experience is evident throughout her practice. Charlene has settled well into her role and is a great addition to the team. She is an enthusiastic member of staff with a great work ethic and is keen to further her development and experience in the senior role over coming years.

Charlene is trained in Schemas, patterns of behaviours that children go through when they are exploring the world and trying to find out how things work. 

By watching closely and noticing the patterns of your child’s play, Charlene and the play leaders can give them other activities and toys that match that schema, which will hold their interest as well as helping them with the stage of development that they are currently working through.

By going through the different schemas; vertical (going up and down), enclosure (putting things inside other things), circular (going round and round), going over and under, going through and connecting, young children are equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills that lay the foundations for almost everything we do in later life, from writing to team sport.

When Charlene isn’t busy taking care of the pre-school children she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her own two girls who are 7 and nearly 2.

We’re so proud of our wonderful team who take such good care of our children, and ensure that the best foundations are being laid for their development by understanding how the children learn and what they need to help them develop their learning further. We are thrilled that Charlene has joined us, bringing valuable knowledge with her to benefit the children.

Charlene's Training

Paediatric First Aid & Outdoor Paediatric First Aid | Food Hygiene | Child Protection | Schema

Twirlywoos on CBeebies is all about Schemas!

If you'd like to learn more about Schemas, read this article:

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